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Download UF1 User Manual:   OAD UF1 Owners Manual

CP1 Preamplifer

With its elegant touch panel display, the CP1 is stylish and easy to use. The CP1 features a 4.3” colour TFT LCD full colour display, with capacitive touch. All features of the CP1 are controlled by this touch display which eliminates any front panel mechanical potentiometers and switches.

Unlike its mechanical counterpart, an electronic touch display also has the advantage of allowing the shortest possible signal path from inputs to outputs, thus ensuring the integrity of the audio signal. An additional remote control also performs the same functions of the touch display, including input switching, volume control, mute and standby modes.

Input and output signals are made through the highest quality silver-plated oxygen free copper (OFHC) RCA connectors. Input selection is made with high quality gold plated Swiss made relays, and only the selected input is connected - all other inputs are isolated. The selected input is followed by a buffer amplifier and presents a benign load to signal sources.

The volume control uses laser cut precision, low-noise and zero- induction resistors. It controls both volume and balance.

Audio purity is maximised by using minimal components in the signal path. Moreover, crosstalk is virtually eliminated by using a dual mono layout for left and right channels. Once again, only low-noise and zero-induction resistors are used.

UF1 Power Amplifer

The specifications of a power amplifier are not the whole story of its sonic characterisitics. Only a holistic approach taking into account the real load of a loudspeaker can lead to the best sound reproduction. The ideal amplifier operates without level and phaseshift across any load.

The UF1 is the ideal power amplifier and complement to the CP1 pre-amplifier. Thanks to its unique technology, using the latest cutting edge bipolar transistors, the UF1 offers superb sound characteristics as well as incredible power and performance; a standard which is unsurpassed even by much more expensive amplifiers. Using a stable power supply, the UF1 is designed to accurately process relatively large signals to deliver current capacity and maintain performance, independent of the load presented by the loudspeakers.

The UF1 is extremely fast with ultra-wide bandwidth and has a high current capability. An amplifier must be able to cope gracefully with impedence dips to 4 Ohms and lower. As the load impedence of an amplifier is decreased to below 8 Ohms large signal non-linearities begin to appear. Unlike, crossover distortion, this large signal non-linearity is significantly dependent on the amplifier's output stage power transistors.

The Open Audio Designs UF1 utilizes the latest in transistor technology to deal with these significant distortions. The transistors used in the UF1 are in a different class from the more conventional transistors, in that, the current gain is completely maintained over its full power bandwidth. Correct utilization of these transistors minimizes not only the large signal non-linearities but significantly lowers crossover distortion.